Project Tracking and Scheduling

Project Tracking and Scheduling

Project Tracking and Scheduling

  • What are some reasons why software is delivered late? 
  • How can you handle unrealistic software deadlines? 
  • How do software projects fall behind schedule?
project manager’s objective 
  • define all project tasks 
  • identify tasks lying on the critical path 
  • track progress of critical tasks
Software project scheduling: 
1-distributes estimated effort across the project duration by allocating effort to specific SW engineering tasks 
2-schedule evolves over time:
  • early stages of project planning 
  • the macroscopic schedule is developed 
  • identifies major activities 
  • as the project progresses 
  • macroscopic schedule refined into a detailed schedule 
  • specific tasks are identified and scheduled
Download also:
Two perspectives of scheduling 
  • end-date for software release already established 
  • end-date set by the software team

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