How to Make an Action Plan

How to Make an Action Plan

Today we're talking about how to make an action plan, what I've learned in working with some teams is that the word Gantt chart or project schedule or project plan can just seem too overwhelming but it's hard to refute the term action plan. 
I mean we all have to take action in order to get the project done so today I want to talk about a few fundamentals and a few tips to build an action plan...Watch the video or continue reading the text below the video.
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So first of all you want to create a simple template to save time so what's in the template when you're creating an action plan you want to know what is the action step what does it do and who is it assigned to we also want to use a tool to keep you on task by using a tool a specific online tool that everyone's using then everyone has access to online and real-time data and number three is you want to onboard everyone into the tool so that works with for everyone and not just a few people by having everyone committed to using the same tool then you ensure that you have real-time data that everyone can access the fourth one is to set up alerts that work to help you become more efficient well these are some things like tasks by having alerts on when tasks are added or change it helps you become more efficient in what you're doing helps other people in the project be alerted to the changes also when milestones are completed that way everyone knows when major things have occurred or completed on the project and then notes notes are great for collaborating on tasks or even documents say like your requirements documents are some other documents that are important for the project so here are a few tips number one focus on the priorities of what is do now that way people or team members don't get overwhelmed by looking at all the things that are done but they get focused on let's get these completed now number two mark completed tasks is completed that way you don't have to looking at the same task they're already finished done completed get them out of the way so you don't keep looking at them number three is assigned someone to every task you want to be sure that you know who is accountable for every task and that way if you have questions something's not getting done you know who to go to and number four is discuss pending or late tasks you want to be sure that you find out when their barriers or reasons why some things aren't getting done sometimes they need you in your help to get things done so these are the fundamentals and a few tips to help you make your action plan.

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