Project Planning Support Guide

Project Planning Support Guide

After initiating a project and appointing of a project manager, the project moves into the planning phase. This involves creating a suite of planning documents required to guide the Project Implementation Team throughout the project execution. 
The main objective of this stage is to develop a solid and comprehensive Project Management Plan, which describe how a project should be carried out during execution or implementation stage in order to attain the project objectives. 

This guide provides guidance on the processes to go through when planning all aspects of the project to be implemented, provides guidance on expected constituent plans, highlights required resources (human and financial), expected documentation that should be developed, guiding principles to be followed in order to successfully go through this stage; tools and techniques to be used during project planning stage. 
This stage is very important to the success of the project and enough effort and expertise should be committed. All relevant stakeholders should be consulted in order to come up with a comprehensive and achievable project management plan.

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