"Measuring/Optimizing a Maintenance Process Made Simple"

"Measuring/Optimizing a Maintenance Process Made Simple"

 "Measuring/Optimizing a Maintenance Process Made Simple"

"Performance measurement is a fundamental principle of management. The measurement of performance is important because it identifies current performance gaps between current and desired performance and provides indication of progress towards closing the gaps. Carefully selected key performance indicators identify precisely where to take action to improve performance." 
In my 30 years in Maintenance Leadership it finally hit me like a brick in the face, "in order to optimize a Maintenance Process we must begin with the outcomes we expect first". In the graphic above we are wanting to drive downtime to "0" minutes. 

Here are my thoughts and look forward to your comments and words of wisdom as well.

What is it you need to improve or optimize?
"Begin with the end in mind." Steven Covey  Steven Covey's statement is exactly what we need to do first in order to improve a maintenance process. 

Let's begin with the end in mind, "I want to...  reduce Production Downtime"  ...increase Production Capacity"  reduce Maintenance Cost"

Now You Asking "OK where do I start now?" 
Step 1: Ask your management team what measurements must you measure so you know if what you are truly "Reducing Production Downtime"  Let's look at my "Reducing Production Downtime Measurement Pyramid" (review the graphics above, these are just my thoughts)
Step 2: It is up to you to take the next step.  Now what? Please add your comments or recommendations.

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