Benefits of Agile Project Management PDF

Benefits of Agile Project Management PDF

benefits of agile project management pdf
Benefits of agile project management pdf

The purpose of this guide is to suggest the benefits and advantages of Agile Project Management (APM) adopted in business. The Agile Project Development is now common in software development because it is more accurate and practical within a limited timeline and requirements. 
This guide draws upon primary and secondary sources including Agile Software Development, Project Management, and APM. The results of this guide can be concluded that APM is beneficial for an organization or company, team developer, and product.

Agile Project Management Roles:

It takes a cooperative team of employees to complete a project. Agile project teams are made up of many people which are :
  • Development team: The group of people who do the work of creating a product. The development team includes programmers, testers, designers, writers, and anyone else who has a hands-on role in product development. 
  • Product owner: A person who is responsible for bridging the gap between the customer, business stakeholders, and the development team called the product owner, or sometimes, a customer representative. The product owner is an expert on the product and the customer’s needs and priorities. The product owner works with the development team daily to help clarify requirements based on the customer’s need. 
  • Scrum master: A scrum master or a project facilitator is an important person who is responsible for supporting the development team, clearing organizational roadblocks, and keeping the agile process consistent. 
  • Stakeholders: Stakeholders provide input and are affected by the project’s outcome. They are not ultimately responsible for the product. The group of stakeholders can include people from different departments or even different companies. 
  • Agile mentor: Agile mentor is an expert who has experience implementing agile projects and can share that experience with a project team. This role is a good supporter who can provide valuable feedback and advice to new project teams and to project teams that want to perform and succeed at a higher level.
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