10 Steps to build a Strong Employer Brand

10 Steps to build a Strong Employer Brand

10 Steps to build a Strong Employer Brand
 10 Steps to build a Strong Employer Brand  

What is an Employer Brand?

If employer branding is the process, the employer brand is the identity of a company as an employer of choice. For effective employer brand promotion, however, the company can only attract current and future employees if it has an identity that is true, credible, relevant, distinctive and aspiration. 
Employer Branding strategy is divided into two plans:      
  1. Internal long term plan with your employees     
  2. External Plan, With Candidates providers and Online to attract the right caliber
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1- Internal Plan:
These are five questions all Employers need to know the answer:  "They are also some great questions for candidates to ask at interview to assess how evolved the company is in their approach to employer branding" 
  1. Why would someone want to work for you?
  2. What percentage of your managers have received training in how to deliver the brand experience?
  3. What is the perception employees and candidates have about your employer brand?
  4. What level of visibility do you have of your employees/talent pool?
  5. What percentage of your employees would recommend your company as a great place to work (Referral program)?
2-The External Plan:
In which the Employer works hard to attract the right candidates. 

Employer shall work on the offline PR withe recruitment agencies, Universities and Online Branding through Digital Media platforms.
  1. Establish Relationship with your Top universities for example in Egypt: AUC Caps, FEBS, GUC, they can always help you find the right caliber 
  2. Participate in Job fairs that are relevant to your industry and that are well known for good quality and organization
  3. Invite Potential Candidates to your office for Job shadowing 
  4. Attend events with branded Training providers like: Career Advancers in Egypt: https://www.facebook.com/CareerAdvancers/?fref=ts
  5. Make sure your online Presence is Branded
  6. Show case your Company's culture, team building activities and Employees News
  7. Show case your Employees talents on LinkedIn, make sure when you hire employees they have a good profile on LinkedIn and make it a Must that they change their work statues to be at your company's page on LinkedIn 
  8. Online Branding: Create your Website with two important tabs, Team and Careers page, Develop your SEO Plan with the marketing team to include Employer branding 
  9. Social Media Platforms: Create your LinkedIn Page, Facebook page, Google+ and YouTube
  10. LinkedIn solutions: Make use of your Branded page, post your news, showcase your work and employees, Make use of LinkedIn Job slots, and if you want to invest, create your Careers page on LinkedIn. 
For Recruitment and Talent acquisition, LinkedIn is one of the best tools to be used, it helps your Brand image and applicants trust companies which use Job slots more than posting with Local recruitment agencies.  Also with LinkedIn you can track the number of applicants and compare your company to other competitors in terms of the Brand image, and in case you using an Applicant tracking system you can integrate it with LinkedIn and have a full capacity recruitment system 
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                                                            Radwa Gharieb
People oriented HR person, from the digital and social media to Talent and OD Management has acquired diversified experience in Employer Branding, Talent Acquisition local and global, Training and Development, Talent Management and CSR. I have acquired 8 years of experience in International and Multinational organizations addition to 4 years volunteering experience with international NGOs and AIESEC. 
I am so passionate about people development and Employment, in which my job and experience satisfy my passion, my current job as Talent and OD Manager gave me the opportunity to do what I love the most which is giving back to the society, so I have decided to be a career coach as well to help people throughout their career choices and challenges.  My key passion driver is Community development volunteering work. That’s why I started my small NGO, EASE for Learning and Development in 2012. 
I have been delivering Training sessions and Workshops in Soft Skills, Recruitment, and Social Media marketing, since 2013.  My dream is to help the society and fill the unemployment gap, through preparing Strong Talents who are ready for the market needs.  I started to use my network to help companies with qualified CVS, those who attended my training sessions or volunteered in EASE, building up this network has enabled my Dream to have a good start.

Volunteering and Corporate expertise and skills:  
-Talent Acquisition and Headhunting Expert (Globally) 
-LinkedIn expert (Recruiter and Job hunting). 
-Employer Branding (Internal and External). 
-Organization structure and re-structure. 
-Salary Benchmark projects. -Events Planning . 
-Internal communication and projects planning. 
-Soft Skills training sessions and workshops. 
-Enhancing the company's Organizational Behavior through training sessions and Internal Branding. 
-Online Marketing: Setting Social Media Strategy, Content Creation, online campaigns Planning. -Online Branding Assessment (Website, FB, Instagram and LinkedIn)

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