Free Business Plan and Budget Template in Excel

Free Business Plan and Budget Template in Excel

Free Business Plan and Budget Template in Excel
Free Business Plan and Budget Template 

Free Business Plan and Budget Template in Excel

The purpose of Business Plan and Budget Template is intended to assist you to prepare for and to develop the 2021Business Planning and Budget for your member units.  This standardized template will help us to move toward a more consistent planning process. Submitting the business plan and budget by the due dates using this template is a requirement for being in "Good Standing".

The Scope of  Business Plan and Budget Template

This standardized Business Plan and Budget template applies to: 
  • Technical Communities Council (TCC) 
  • Section Affairs Council (SAC) 
  • Local Members Communities (LMCs) & Country Counselors (CCs) 
  • Society Committees (SC's)

The following are required for the member units to be in compliance and considered in "Good Standing"
  • Submit Business Plan and Budget using these Excel templates by due dates. 
  • Submit Financial Reports and Audited Report by due dates (not applicable to LMCs/CCs) 
  • Submit Officers & Required Committee Chair Lists by due dates 
  • No Unpaid/Non-Members in Officer/Required Committee Chair Positions 
  • Meet in-person and/or group calls attendance requirements (not applicable to LMCs/CCs)
For Performance Award and Recognition (PAR), please see separate PAR template. (not applicable to LMCs/CCs).

Instruction for The Free Business Plan and Budget Template

The instructions to complete the columns of the Business Planning Worksheet are provided in the Blue Text Row #6 of the Business Planning worksheet.  The column headings in the sections include comments that offer additional instructions. Hover the mouse over the column headings to view these additional instructions.

ASQ Strategic Plan:

The Free Business Plan and Budget Template in Excel is intended as a tool to align to the ASQ Strategic Plan, which sets the direction that will allow our society to successfully carry out our mission and move us closer to reaching our vision.  Our 2021 goals are that ASQ is recognized as the preeminent society in the world for leadership in advancing quality philosophy and practices. 

The strategic plan's 6 strategies describe how ASQ intends to achieve the 2021 goals.  The key actions, aligned with these strategies, will be prioritized to deliver the overall success.  The strategies number is for reference only and not meant to indicate priority.

Planning Guidance for Business Plan and Budget Template:

To effectively focus and align resources, it's recommended that:
  • It's NOT required to align resources to ALL 6 strategies.  Recommend to focus 3 to 6 Objectives Total. 
  • Limit to 2 Objectives per Strategy.  It's okay to have 1 Objective for a Strategy.
  • Limit to 2 Key Actions per Objectives 
  • Limit to 2 Action Plans per Action 
  • Measures are for the Key Actions 
  • Targets are for the Key Actions
Business Plan Template
Business Plan Template excel

Excel Help: 
  • Default paper size for the Business Planning worksheet is 11 x 17" . It can also be printed on 8.5 x 11". 
  • The Priority and Status columns use the drop-down menus 
  • Hit Alt-Enter to start a new line within a cell 
  • Columns M-V are hidden and contains the drop-down list and example

Budget Worksheet: 

The Budget Worksheet tab is used to enter your revenue & expenses for the upcoming year.  This information is  calculated into the Member Value vs. General & Administrative split. The PAR Metric for 2020 is to spend a minimum of 70% of total annual revenues on activities identified as adding value to members.  The budget worksheet automatically identifies which activities are member value and which are general and administrative.
Budget Template in Excel
Budget Template in Excel

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