Risk register template free download

Risk register template free download

Risk register template free download
Risk register template free download

Risk Register Template UK

Risk Register Template is the most important document in project management. Everyone agrees on that. But few PMs actually keep it in good shape. Why? They overcomplicate it!

Risk Register is a document that contains the information about identified risks, results of Risk Analysis (impact, probability, effects), as well as Risk Response Plans. You also use the Risk Register to monitor and control risks during the whole project life cycle.

This Risk Register has been designed to assist Lottery Applicants, Design Teams and Facility Operators in the consideration and management of risk on their projects. The register has been complied to meet Best Practice in accordance with recognized Project Management methodologies such as PRINCE2, the risk categories reflect PRINCE2 principles.

The register is generic and is intended to promote the consideration of risk. Users are not expected to use every risk, but to consider those that may be applicable to their Project, or where a similar, related risk may be applicable to their project.

The identified risks can be used to compile a Strategic Risk Register or a Construction Project Risk Register.

The use of this particular Risk Register is not mandatory on Sport England Lottery Funded projects; Applicants may use their own format. Applicants must however be aware that the consideration of Risk by Applicants and how Risk is managed on Projects is often a condition of a grant award.

The inherent and residual risk columns contain formulae that calculate the risk exposure; the residual risk exposure should always be no worse that the inherent risk exposure.

The financial impact column has been deliberately left blank without any formulae as the financial impact can be calculated in various ways. Applicants should consult with their Professional Advisors in this respect. 

If the register is used to compile a Construction Project Risk Register, the total of the Financial Impact should equate to the Project Contingency at any stage of the Project. 

Closed Risks can be moved from the Current Risk worksheet to the Closed Risks worksheet.

Risk Register Template - Instructions for Using Risk Spreadsheets

To start entering risk data simply follow the on-screen guidance on the attached  sheet by using the mouse button to hover over the red check mark in each corner of the headings.

If you enter more rows you will need to cut and paste into the new cells the formula used to calculate exposure automatically (columns G-H and K-L).

To filter the columns ( to show only the high exposure risks)
  • press Ctrl + a to turn on filter 
  • select what you want to see from the drop-down menu that appears at the top of the relevant column 
  • press Ctrl +o to turn off the filter and show all rows again

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