Safety risk register template

Safety risk register template

Safety risk register template
Safety risk register template

Sample safety risk register template in excel free download

What is a Safety Risk Register?

A Safety Risk Register is an information management tool you may choose to use to document your transit agency's Safety Risk Management and Safety Assurance activities. It records the hazards identified by the transit agency, the potential consequences associated with these hazards, initial safety risk ratings, new mitigations implemented to eliminate or minimize the risk associated with the hazard, revised safety risk rating, and mitigation monitoring measures and activities to ensure the implementation and effectiveness of mitigations.

The Sample Safety Risk Register provided here is presented in two parts: Safety Risk Assessment (tab 3, discussed below) and Safety Risk Mitigation (tab 4, discussed below).

What is the purpose of safety risk register ?

The Safety Risk Register serves a dual purpose:
  • It provides managers with an on-going, up-to-date picture of (a) the overarching safety concerns that the agency faces during transit service delivery and supporting operations, and (b) the controls (safety risk mitigations) put in place to address them, and 
  • It allows personnel involved in the agency’s Safety Management System (SMS) to (a) formally document hazards, potential consequences of the hazards, safety risk assessment results, and anticipated safety risk mitigations; and (b) track the status of implemented safety risk mitigations.

Description of FTA's Sample Safety Risk Register

This register is illustrative only; each transit agency may determine the tool or method that best suits its SMS documentation and tracking needs.

The Sample Safety Risk Register is comprised of five (5) separate tabs. Tabs 1 (this tab) and 2 provide instructions on how to use this Sample Safety Risk Register and definitions of the terms used within the Register. Tab 5 provides a sample safety risk assessment matrix and likelihood and severity tables, which are used to develop the examples provided in Tabs 3 and 4. Tabs 3 and 4 are the actual Sample Safety Risk Register as a transit agency could choose to use them. Specifically, the tabs include:

1- Instructions: This tab describes the Sample Safety Risk Register and how to use it. 

2- Definitions: This tab lists the columns used in the Safety Risk Management Register tab and the Safety Risk Mitigation tab and provides definitions and/or an explanation of what information is collected under each column. 

3- Safety Risk Assessment: This tab is the first half of the sample safety risk register. It provides a few examples of how an agency might use the safety risk register. The tab collects information about hazards and their analyses, including:
  • • Description of the hazard, 
  • Type of hazard, 
  • Date the hazard was identified, 
  • How the hazard was identified (source), 
  • Date analysis was performed, 
  • Potential consequences associated with the hazard (worst possible, worst credible, or most common), 
  • What mitigations are currently in place to address potential consequences associated with hazard, 
  • Initial safety risk rating, as defined by the severity of the consequences and likelihood of the consequences taking into account existing safety risk mitigations only, 
  • Revised safety risk index (risk rating with additional safety risk mitigations implemented), 
  • Department responsible for implementing the safety risk mitigations, 
  • Estimated due date for the safety risk mitigations to be implemented, and 
  • Contact person.
safety risk assessment template
safety risk assessment template

4- Safety Risk Mitigation: This tab is the second half of the sample safety risk register. It provides a few examples of how an agency might use the safety risk register. This tab collects information for status tracking and monitoring the effectiveness of implemented safety risk mitigations, including:
  • Safety risk mitigation monitoring parameters (safety performance indicator(s) and target(s)),
  • Associated timeframe, 
  • Monitoring activities, and 
  • Responsibilities for monitoring.
safety risk mitigation worksheet
safety risk mitigation worksheet

5- Safety Risk Matrix and Tables: This tab provides illustrative tables to estimate the likelihood of occurrence and the severity of potential consequences, as well as the safety risk tolerability matrix. FTA has developed separate voluntary guidance on how to develop safety risk assessment matrixes.

FTA's Sample Safety Risk Register contains three (3) illustrative hazards to demonstrate how to populate the Safety Risk Assessment and Safety Risk Mitigation tabs.
safety risk matrix template excel
safety risk matrix template excel
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