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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Free Course: Microsoft Project Reporting - Beginner To Rock Star

What Will I Learn? 

  • 1-Learn About Microsoft Project Visual Designer 
  • 2-Create Excel Report Templates 
  • 3-Be Able To Export OLAP Cubes and Access Databases From Your Microsoft Project 
  • 4-Learn How To Build a Task Burn Up 
  • 5-Learn To Use Pivot Tables Like A Champ 
  • 6-Take Advantage Of Excel Templates and Filters 
  • 7-Build a Work Break Down Structure (wbs) Rock Visio Reports + Layouts 
  • 8-Create Visio Report Templates 
  • 7-Build Visual Graphs Build Report Dashboards Your Stakeholders Will Love
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You will learn to leverage the power of Excel pivot tables and Visio pivot diagrams. He introduces Project's built-in visual report templates and walks you through creating a task burnup report, a work breakdown structure (WBS), and a resource analysis report.

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