Free Project Tracking Tool Excel

Free Project Tracking Tool Excel

Free Project Tracking Tool Excel
Free Project Tracking Tool Excel

Free Project Tracking Tool Excel

Project Tracking is a key activity that should be instilled from the beginning of every project in order to have the best chance of success. Everyone from senior management to team members become aligned with project goals and updates. Let us see what exactly project tracking is and how do you do it?

What is Project Tracking?

Project Tracking is a method of project management for following the progress (or lack thereof) of activities involved in projects. Potential issues can be spotted and  solved by team members and leaders. Tracking projects from the beginning, dealing with problems quickly and proactively making decisions is what successful project managers do. Managing all tasks and activities involved, handling multiple files involved and most importantly, the people who make up the team make this incredibly challenging.

Why use Project Management Tracking?

There are multiple benefits and many reasons to engage with project tracking, from increased chances of project success to creating a united team. Keeping up to date on the progress of the project and awareness of  project status, it is easy to spot any potential issues that could prevent project success. Complete transparency is essential for accurate decision-making. Project tracking  keeps all team members and stakeholders in touch with deadlines and goals. Enabling the project lead to manage with confidence.

Who should be involved in Project Tracking?

The foundation for effective project management tracking and status reporting is laid during project planning. That is where the project manager and executives define clear deliverables and checkpoints for measuring progress. Team leaders, for the benefit of the whole team should direct project tracking. Poor decision making from senior executives is an issue created from a lack of transparency and up to date information. With effective project tracking this problem is eliminated, allowing for informed and accurate decision-making.

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