SCRUM Burndown Chart Template in Excel

SCRUM Burndown Chart Template in Excel

SCRUM Burndown Chart
SCRUM Burndown Chart

Download Free SCRUM Burndown Chart Template in Excel

What is the Scrum?

Scrum is a project management method for agile software development projects.
Features of Scrum are:
  • Living backlog of prioritized work 
  • Short iterations or sprints
  • A brief heartbeat retrospective, reflect about the past sprint 
  • A brief planning session for the backlog items for the sprint 
  • A brief daily meeting or Scrum 
  • A Scrum Master (project leader)

What is SCRUM Burndown Chart?

A burndown chart is a graphic representation of how quickly the team is working through a customer's user stories, an agile tool that is used to capture a description of a feature from an end-user perspective. The burndown chart shows the total effort against the amount of work for each iteration.

Roles of Scrum Team:
  1. Small self-organizing team that perform the development 
  2. Full authority to do whatever necessary to fulfil their commitment 
  3. Ideally seven people including analysts, designers, quality controllers, programmers
Roles of Scrum Master:
  1. Is a combination of coach, fixer and gatekeeper. 
  2. Meets with the team every day in brief meetings, Scrums 
  3. When someone outside the project has an important issue to discuss with the team, the Scrum master tries to ensure that the designers are disturbed as little as possible in their work 
  4. Always adopts a here and now perspective to the work. The focus is always on providing the team with the best possible circumstances for realizing the goals fixed for the Sprint
  5. After each Sprint, the Scrum master holds an evaluation meeting with the Scrum team a Sprint retrospective during which experiences and conclusions are reviewed
Roles of Product Owner:
  1. Represents the voice of the customer and ensures that the Scrum team works with the right things from a business perspective 
  2. Administers a product backlog – a current to-do list where all the specifications for a product are listed according to how profitable they are deemed to be
  3. Is often a customer, but can also be part of the internal organization 
  4. The task requires comprehensive knowledge about engineering, marketing and business processes.
Scrum Roles:
  • Several roles are defined in Scrum; these are divided into two groups; pigs and chickens, based on a joke: A pig and a chicken are walking down a road. The chicken looks at the pig and says, "Hey, why don't we open a restaurant?" The pig looks back at the chicken and says, "Good idea, what do you want to call it?" The chicken thinks about it and says, "Why don't we call it 'Ham and Eggs'?" "I don't think so," says the pig, "I'd be committed but you'd only be involved."
  • So the pigs are committed to building software regularly and frequently 
  • Everyone else are chickens that are interested in the project 
  • The needs, desires, ideas and influences of the chicken roles are taken into account, but not in any way letting it affect or distort or get in the way of the actual Scrum project

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